It’s that time of year!  Twice a year, Steam has ridiculous sales on most of the games, some up to 90% off!  This is when I load up on games that I had placed on my wish list.  There are a lot of games that you can get for under $5 and it’s worth it.  This ends July 5, so check it out!




So a video on the web site has surfaced showing a quick, 22 second hint at a new Atari console.  It appears that this may be the real deal.  Insiders say that it’s not going to be a flashback console, but a brand new Atari system.  There is very little known about it, but the CEO of Atari did confirm that “we are back in the hardware business.”

I’m intrigued and a bit excited!  A new player in the console market?  I would have thought SEGA would have come back first, but more competition is good.  They will really struggle to play with the biggins (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo), but we’ll see what they’ve got.  See the video below for more information.