Tower Defense Games and Me

I absolutely suck at tower defense games.  If you are not aware of this genre, it’s where you have a stationary map (usually) and you are provided places to set defenders to keep your tower from being destroyed.  Then, waves of mobs come at you and may destroy your defenders, or get stronger so you need to continue to upgrade your units.

One of the pictures listed above is from a game that I thoroughly enjoy – until I get to the tower defense section.  This game is Brutal Legend and is a blast up until that point.  I have never passed that spot and have rage quit on multiple occasions.

The next picture is from a game that I’m trying to beat right now – Royal Tower Defense, the Invisible Threat.  There are over 200 levels in the game, but I can’t get past level 1.  That is how badly I suck at these games.  Why do I still try?  I assume there’s a vital piece of these games that I’m just missing and it will “click” one of these days.

There has been one tower defense game that I’ve beaten, however – Plants vs. Zombies.  I really liked it, too, and go back and play it regularly.  Go figure!

Tower Defense 2

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