Oldies but Goodies!

Retro consoles

Who doesn’t have a bit of nostalgia for some old video games?  Here are some of my favorites!

3D World Runner, NES
Acrophobia, PC
Astrosmash, Intellivision
Babble by Galoob, electronic handheld
Bart vs the Spce Mutants, NES
Bust-a-Move, SNES
Coaster, PC
Combat, Atari 2600
Donkey Kong Country, SNES
Ducktales, NES
Duck Hunt, NES
Excitebike, NES
Frog Bog, Intellivision
Infiltrator, Commodore 64
Jetpack, PC
Jezzball/Qix, PC, Arcade
John Elway’s Quarterback, NES
Lemmings, PC
Legend of Zelda II – Link’s Adventure, NES
Little Computer People, Commodore 64
McKids, NES
Ms. Pac-Man, SNES
Neverhood, PC
Number Munchers, PC
Outlaw, Atari 2600
Paperboy, NES
Pinball Quest, NES
Sim City, PC
Sim Tower, PC
Slalom, NES
Slugfest, Pinball
Summer Games, Commodore 64
Super Mario Brothers 2, NES
Super Mario Brothers 3, NES
Tetris – NES
Titus the Fox, PC
Typing of the Dead, Dreamcast, PS2, PC
Yo! Noid, NES

What have you got to add?

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