Now Playing…

These are the games that I’m “working on” right now.  I play other games as filler, but I’m trying to get as many achievements as I can for these games.  Here are my impressions:

Pinball FX3 is the follow-up to one of my favorites, Pinball FX2.  It’s more pinball, and you can import a lot of your old tables.  One set notably missing is the South Park tables, which I really enjoyed.  They have made some new additions which really add to replayability.  I am playing this on the XBone.

Slitherlink is a puzzle game that I’m playing on the PS Vita.  This is a REALLY challenging game.  Your goal is to use the listed numbers as guides to help you form one continuous line around the board.  This is logic through and through and it gets tough.

Text Twist 2 is your typical anagrams game.  It has various modes, but my favorite is the timed mode.  You have two minutes to find the longest word in order to move to the next round.  You get more points if you find more than just that word.  Simple, but relaxing.  I’m playing this on my laptop.

Sword Art Online – Hallow Realization takes place in the Sword Art Online universe.  This is based on Japanese anime and it is really good.  It sucked me in for a couple of weeks of watching.  This game is pretty good as well and features the whole cast of the first season.  I am playing this on the PS4.

Danganronpa – Trigger Happy Havoc is a visual novel at its core, but has some elements of Phoenix Wright as well.  There is a lot of brutality here, but the story is riveting and the “whodunnit” is pretty cool as well.  I am playing this on the Vita.