So a video on the web site has surfaced showing a quick, 22 second hint at a new Atari console.  It appears that this may be the real deal.  Insiders say that it’s not going to be a flashback console, but a brand new Atari system.  There is very little known about it, but the CEO of Atari did confirm that “we are back in the hardware business.”

I’m intrigued and a bit excited!  A new player in the console market?  I would have thought SEGA would have come back first, but more competition is good.  They will really struggle to play with the biggins (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo), but we’ll see what they’ve got.  See the video below for more information.


October is bringing some good games to us for free through Microsoft’s Games with Gold.  Here they are:

-Mega Baseball.  I don’t know much about it other than it’s a baseball game.  I am a fan of baseball, and since MLB (Major League Baseball) seems to have an exclusive contract with Playstation, I don’t get to play many on the XBox.  Any baseball game is welcomed.

-The Escapists.  I am a big fan of Prison Architect, where I’ve spent so much time trying to keep my prisoners in, that I think that a game where you try to break out will be a lot of fun.  This one has been on my radar for some time.

-MX ATV Reflex.  I have a couple of these games that came with my PSP, but I’ve never played them.  I’ll probably pick this up as a “when I’m bored” type of game.

-I Am Alive.  I had heard about this one a long time ago but then forgot about it.  It’s a survival game, which is a genre I haven’t really gotten into.  I’ll pick it up just because it’s free.

As for last month’s games, I have been hooked on Earthlock and you’ll likely see a post about it before too long.


Nintendo question

There are a lot of rumors floating around about Nintendo’s next console, code-named NX.  I normally don’t pay that much attention to Nintendo’s consoles since they went away from the more traditional console to the Wii.  I did have one for a short time, but the motion controls just seemed gimmicky to me and I preferred to play more traditional games.  I think motion can add a lot to a game, such as with the Kinect, but I don’t want to be forced to use it on every game I play.  Kids seemed to eat it up, though.

Next came the Wii U, which was innovative, but has just flopped with consumers.  It offered a tablet as a controller, which is a cool idea, but I guess the execution just wasn’t there.  They are discontinuing this in November, which is a very short life for a console.

Wii U

The reason that I’m keeping an eye on the development project is because it may mean the end of the DS era.  The Nintendo DS was the second-best selling system right behind the Playstation 2.  Nintendo has always owned the handheld market, and the 3DS hasn’t been a slouch, either.  It has sold nearly 60 million units, which isn’t too shabby.  The rumor mills are spouting a potential handheld and console rolled into one.  It is also speculated that they will be going back to the cartridge format, which isn’t so crazy when you consider a tiny micro SD card can hold 256GB of data now, which is way more than necessary for a video game.  I actually prefer cartridges myself, as they seem to last a lot longer than DVDs and are just more collectible.

Nintendo itself has not released much about the system, but has said it will be released early next year.  I hope that they don’t completely discontinue the 3DS as it is a solid platform and the 3D is now really good with the New Nintendo 3DS.  I’m sure I’ll post more as official details are released.