Chey’s Top 25 – #21 – SSX Tricky

Genre:  Sports
Platform:  XBox Original

I want to stop writing this and go play SSX Tricky right now.  This game is a snowboarding game, which normally I really don’t care about.  It’s got your standard snowboarding/skateboarding elements – tricks, grinds, racing – but there’s something really special about this game.

I remember this game so fondly that I recently went out and found an original XBox console just so I could play this again.  What sets this game apart is how outrageous it is.  It doesn’t really take snowboarding seriously.  This is not an accurate representation of shredding down a course.  This is over-the-top drops, allowing you to string together lots of moves that a real person could never do.

As you play and do tricks, you build up your “tricky” meter.  Once it’s full, wait for your next big jump and activate it.  Each character has their own special trick, and they are BIG.  Your character will twist and twirl around the screen and leave you smiling.  There are two modes – race and style.  In race mode, your goal is to win a race.  You can knock down your opponents to get an advantage.  Be careful, though, because you need to keep a few friends as you progress.  In style mode, it’s all about the points.

The graphics are decent, but the soundtrack is awesome.  Be prepared to hear “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC A LOT.  The announcer also sings your praises as you play with comments such as “bronze those thumbs!” and “call your mamma into the room and show her how good you are!”.  It all adds to the fun.

This game was also on the Gamecube and Playstation 2.  If you can find it, get it and be ready for some big-time fun.

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