Chey’s Top 25 – #20 – Peggle

Genre:  Puzzle/Arcade
Platform:  Pretty much all; I have it for PC, Nintendo DS, XBox 360 and XBone (Peggle 2).  It’s on iOS (Apple phones) and Android as well.

Peggle was another one of those games that I instantly said “YES MORE PLEASE” and played for hours until I realized that a lack of sleep will, in fact, make you insane.  This is a highly addictive game.  It’s also a fairly simple one.  Simply clear all of the orange pegs from the board by bouncing a metal ball off of them.  It’s not too difficult, but it is if you take into account some of the additional challenges for each level.

There are different “masters” to unlock as you play.  Each has a special ability to help you complete the levels in new and fun ways.  For example, there’s one that gives you a multiball and another that gives you pinball-like flippers at the bottom.  Each character has their own personality and the game can be funny at times.

There is no learning curve at all with this game, either.  You will instantly know how to play it, so there’s no excuse for not picking it up (I’m looking at you, Mom!).  There was an expansion for Peggle – Peggle Nights – which is more of the same, but there is a slightly different twist on the story.  Totally worth it.

One of the things that I like most about this game is how it makes a big deal if you succeed.  You’ll be treated to fireworks on the screen, loud “Hallelujah” music and flashy text.  You’re awesome, and it lets you know it!  The other sounds effects are playful and fun as well.

There’s also Peggle 2, which I’m going to bundle right in here as well.  It has different masters, except two.  My favorite is the homage to The Big Lebowski.  The game play is the same basic concept.  Aim ball, shoot at pegs, get high score.

Everyone should play this game.  It’s fun, funny and will keep you entertained for hours!


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