I Have a Confession to Make

Pikachu crying

This is likely going to get me kicked out of some gaming circles and secret societies, but I have a confession to make.  I have never played a minute of a Pokemon game.  Not the original Gameboy games, not Nintendo DS, not the new mobile game.  Not. One. Minute.  I have never seen the show, either.

I don’t have anything against the odd little creatures, though.  I actually have a few of the games in my collection and I fully intend to play them, it’s just never been very high on my list.  I was in high school when they exploded into popularity here in the US and video games had fallen off my radar a bit at that time.

For those of you really into Pokemon, which game should I start with?  I have just about all of the pre-DS games on my GCW Zero.

What have you got to add?

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