Prison Architect Diaries – Meet Max Morton

Max Morton 1

I’ve been playing Prison Architect on the XBone for a while now and I suddenly have a problem.  I’d like you to meet Max Morton.  As you can see in the stats above, Max is a bad boy.  Max is an asshole.  He’s been in my prison for 33 days now and he’s unlike any other prisoner I’ve had in my 300+ hours playing.  If you notice, he is now sentenced to 890 years in prison.  Here’s another look as to why:

Max Morton 2

This list is big and it’s full of murders.  In one day, Max killed 14 of my staff, mostly guards.  It was a slaughter and I was powerless to prevent it.  He is permanently in solitary confinement now, but he is so strong that he can break down the door when he gets really mad.  I have an armed guard posted in the solitary block.  Max is never happy.  He gets spun up and goes on murderous rampages.  I built a death row facility just so I could kill him, but the game doesn’t work that way.  It seems that I am forever doomed to life with Max in my prison.

“Try leniency!”, I hear you exclaim.  Yeah, I’m not falling for that again.  I have tried that with him a few times now, but the result is always the same – dead staff and inmates as he goes off on a tirade because he’s not near enough to a phone or something.  He’s been quiet for 3 days now, which is UNHEARD of.  I’m just waiting for this ticking time bomb to explode again.  I may have to build a new solitary block just for him.

What have you got to add?

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