In Between Games

Between games

I was really into a couple of games before I went on vacation.  I had a nice routine down and I was kicking butt.  Since I’ve gotten back, however, I seem to be in one of those dreaded times for all gamers – the between games slump.  I don’t really have a game that has my undivided attention at the moment.  A big part of this is due to my desire to watch the Olympics, which is really cutting into game time, but I also need to find that next game.

This is so frustrating to me as I have over 1000 games to play in this house.  More if you consider internet games and the GCW Zero ROMs.  But no, my brain doesn’t seem to want to latch on to any of them right now, which makes me look and feel a lot like that girl in the picture.  I do still play for maybe an hour a day, but that is a stark contrast to the six to eight I was putting in before vacation.

I just started The Witcher 3:  Wild Hunt, so we’ll see if that one sucks me in.  So far, not really.  I try to give games a few solid hours of game play before making judgement, but it’s just not cutting it yet.  Alas, I’m sure I’ll find that next one before too long.  This is also usually the time when I break out some old favorites, so I won’t be surprised if I start playing Project Gotham Racing, Diablo 3 or a city builder or simulation game.

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