Fun Mobile Game – Triple Town

Genre:  Puzzle
Platform:  Mobile

I don’t play very many games on my mobile phone.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, but it is a work phone and therefor don’t like to spend much time with it.  We have a hate/hate relationship.  I think the Galaxy S5 is a solid phone, though.  I just don’t like the 24-hour availability that comes with it.

However, I do play Triple Town from time to time.  This is a cute little puzzler.  You start with a fairly blank plot of land.  You may have a couple of trees, bushes or a house or two.  Your goal is to upgrade items on the screen and fill it with as many highly upgraded items as you can.  You upgrade items by matching three of the same.  Three grasses make a bush, three bushes make a tree, three trees make a house, threes houses make a bigger house, etc etc.

The challenge is in the bears that you will also need to place from time to time.  They will get in the way of the items that you want to place and move from spot to spot every turn.  You can trap three bears in one spot and create a church.  Three churches make a cathedral and so on.

Each game only lasts 5-10 minutes, so it’s fun on the go.  It’s a fun game and I would recommend that you try it at least once.  I guess it’s also available on Steam, so I’m looking into that soon.  I hope they give you larger areas to play with than you get with the mobile version.

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