Steam Stars – Passpartout: The Starving Artist

Genre:  Creative
Platform:  PC

Passpartout:  The Starving Artist might be an easy game to overlook on Steam.  The graphics aren’t much and I don’t think the publisher did a good job “selling” it on their store page.  However, at $9, I have gotten my money’s worth.

In this game you play as a starving artist.  However, you are really the artist!  That’s right, if you’ve ever played with Paint and wished it was a game, look no more.  You draw pieces of art (or pieces of crap) and put them up for sale.  Eventually, critics will come by, insult you, and customers will buy your works of crap art.

It’s a simple game.  There is some progression, but I didn’t really care for that.  I just enjoyed being creative.  Here’s a few from my gallery.

So pick this one up!  It’s fun to stretch your creative muscles or to just see what pieces of crap some video game people will buy.

Steam Stars – Pivross

Once in a while, I am going to share with you some of Steam’s hidden gems that are fairly cheap ($10 or less).  The first one that gets my nod is Pivross.

Pivross is actually a free game, but if you want to unlock 100 levels (which I did), you’ll need to pay a bit extra for it.  I felt it was worth it.  I am currently on level 80 and it is getting just hard enough to make it a challenge.  There are achievements and they are all related to the quantity of puzzles you finish and how many you perfect (no mistakes).

If you see my review for Picross 3D, this is pretty much the same game, just for PC and not the DS.  You start with a block of cubes.  You need to use deduction and logic to whittle away at the cube until you have the completed object in front of you, which might look like this:

Pivross Solution

It’s simple once you get the hang of it.  I have enjoyed it a lot and feel that I’ve gotten my $5 worth.  If you like logic/puzzle games, check it out!