Now we’re rolling

So it’s starting to look a bit more like I want.  I’ve got my favorite links set up, a few images here and there and a home page.  I’m still working on the background image and I think my first big page will be my top-25 games of all time.  That is a much harder task than it sounds!  It’s tough when comparing old games versus new games.  Do you consider things like the impacts those simpler games had on the industry?  (Yes.)  A lot of nostalgia plays into the decision as well – a “right place, right time” kind of thing.  And, of course, this is according to my preferences.  You’re not going to find a FPS on this list because I just don’t like to play them.  I don’t mind watching Matt play them, but I just suck at it.

I hope to have that up by tomorrow.

What have you got to add?

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