Chey’s Top 25 Video Games – #26 – Hexcells Infinite

Welcome to my top 25 games of all time.  It’s actually 26 because I thought of another and couldn’t knock any off.   My criteria was pretty simple – time played and replayability.  I would say the least amount of time I spent on any game on this list is about 40 hours.  I’m sure this list will change over time as I play more and more games, but here we go with number 26 – Hexcells Infinite.

Genre – Puzzle
Platform – PC (Steam)

This is a simple, yet addictive as hell, puzzler I found on Steam.  There are a few versions of this game, but Infinite is the best because you can play any number of the games you want.  The previous versions had a set number of puzzles.  It’s hard for me not to stop writing and go play it right now.  The goal of this game is to flawlessly identify the blue tiles.  Think Minesweeper, but with hexagons.

Obviously, graphics aren’t really a  factor.  I don’t usually pay much attention to soundtracks, but this game makes great use of sounds and leads to a very “zen” experience.  The sounds change with each game, but it’s usually a piano note or percussion sound.  Steam says I’ve played it for 96 hours, so that should give you an idea as to how good this one is.

There’s not really a lot else to say about this one.  Now excuse me as I go play this and suddenly find that it’s 6AM.

What have you got to add?

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