Introducing Matt!

Matty 8 bit 2

Hi faithful readers of my wonderful wife’s blog!  I’m Matt, and I’m going to be an occasional guest-blogger here.  

I’ve been playing video games most of my life, but unlike my wife most of my experience is PC (or other desktop) based.  My family’s first computer was a Commodore-64, where my eyes were opened to the wonders of video games by titles like Gyruss, Spy Hunter, The Goonies, and Choplifter.  We had a Sega Genesis for a while, but I only remember one or two games from that Golden Axe, Double Dragon, and Streets of Rage.  

Then came the PC era.  I was 14, PCs were just starting to become regular household appliances, and I was all over it.  I and some friends from school learned all the tricks about how to get your PC to run your games, from editing your config.sys and creating autoexec.bat files, running memmaker to free up some more memory, or figuring out what COM port your joystick was connected up to.  Good ol’ command prompt days.

My wife introduced me to the modern console world with her original Xbox, eventually followed by our 360 and Xbone.  I’m still not a huge console gamer (never really developed the fingers for the controllers) but I’ve definitely had my share of memorable console moments with games like Fallout 3 and Battlefield 3.  

My intention is to post occasionally, perhaps a few times a week at most.  My wife did help me put together a top 25 list which I will probably work through, but you can probably expect just some random reviews here and there of games as they bubble up through my memory.  Most will probably end up being PC titles as that’s where I’ve spent the vast majority of my time, but you’ll see a few NES, SNES, Genesis, Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360 and Xbone in there too.  

My posts might be a bit longer, as I do tend to ramble, but I will try to break them up with graphics I’ve stolen from somewhere or some custom made MS Paint masterpieces.  Fair warning, I’ll probably have lots of run-on sentences too, along with the occasional bad/obscure humor, and invariable bad grammar and punctuation.  Thanks god for auto spell check or you probably wouldn’t be able to read this at all. 

You’ll be able to tell my posts apart from the lovely gamer girl’s by this awesome purple background, as well as the nifty 8-bit avatar above (Thanks Heather and Zach!)  I hope some of you out there find what I have to say at least slightly interesting/entertaining, and keep coming back to see more of what we have to say. 

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