Microsoft Games with Gold

Games with Gold

I had just learned this two months ago, which is why I’m posting about this now.  Apparently, for the last year or so, Microsoft has been giving away four games per month to their XBox Live Gold members, which I am.  I pay for my XBox Live membership yearly.  The subscription is required if you want to do anything online, which is pretty much necessary.  So, for a service that I already have to pay for, I get four free games of Microsoft’s choosing every month!

They release them on the 1st and 16th of each month.  Two are for the XBone and two are for the XBox 360.  If you have a XBone, you can play them all on that as the 360 games are immediately on the backwards compatible list.  These are also all downloads.

They are not slouch games, either.  These are major release games.  For example, this month it was the following:

Games with Gold July 2016

That’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2.  A major release.  I am playing Tumblestones now and you can expect a post about it soon.  The others I download and keep until I’m ready to play them.  I did have to get a larger hard drive, but I’ve got plenty of space now.  So just in case you weren’t aware of this, it’s awesome and as good as it seems!

What have you got to add?

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