April 2017 Games With Gold

April 2017 GWG

Time sure is flying.  It’s time again for this month’s games with gold from Microsoft.  This month’s games seem to be a bit on the dark side:

  • Ryse – Son of Rome – We got this one with our XBox One and haven’t played it yet.  It was fairly heavily advertised pre-release for its graphical prowess.  We’ll see how it stands up.
  • Walking Dead – Season Two.  I don’t like the Walking Dead TV series and zombies just aren’t my thing.  But I love just about anything Telltale puts out and The Walking Dead series is no exception to that rule.  The story telling is amazing and it plays like a “choose your own adventure” game in that your decisions drastically alter the future of your game.  I have played season one and I’m looking forward to adding season two.
  • Darksiders looks to be a post-apocalyptic game involving demons and the end of time.  I don’t know that I’ll play this one.
  • Assassin’s Creed – Revelations – You can’t go wrong with an Assassin’s Creed game, so I’ll definitely be adding this one to the backlog.  I’m not sure what it’s about, but I’ll give it a shot.

March 2017 gwg

March came up on me pretty quickly, so I thought I’d post Microsoft’s games with gold for the months.  There are two titles that intrigue me, and two that I’ll likely play at some point.

Layers of Fear looks like a horror game, which isn’t typically my favorite genre.  (Silent Hill is an exception!)  Evolve is a pretty popular game on Twitch, so I’ll likely try it.  I already have Borderlands 2 and have been playing it quite recently, but if you haven’t, definitely pick it up!  It’s a really fun RPG with some FPS elements, but don’t let that scare you.  I’m terrible at the genre, but I can survive well enough.  I’m not sure what Heavy Weapon is, but it looks like something my husband will like.

I missed last month’s here’s what we missed.  I don’t really know much about this one, but Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime looks somewhat unique and I’ll definitely be trying it out.  It looks like a fun little indie title.  Monkey Island 2 looks funny, and I’m always up for a laugh while playing a video game.

You still have time to download:

Project Cars, which looks like a fairly standard race game, and Star Wars, the Force Unleashed.

If you have an XBox One, be sure to download them all!  If you have a 360, you get Monkey Island 2 and The Force Unleashed.

Feb 2017 gwg


It’s that time again – geez, time is flying.  It’s time to discuss November’s Games with Gold from Microsoft.  Next month, we’ll get the following games for free:

  • Super Dungeon Brothers
  • Secrets of Monkey Island, Special Edition
  • Murder, Soul Suspect
  • Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon

The only one that I know anything about is the Secret of Monkey Island.  The Monkey Island games are always funny and entertaining, and I expect this one to be the same.  As for the rest, I’ll download them and check it out.  I’ve got quite a backlog of Games with Gold alone, not to mention the seemingly hundreds more around the house for other systems.  I need more play time!

August Games With Gold

August Games with Gold

It’s the start of a new month, which means that we have a new lineup of free games from Microsoft.  Starting today, you can get Warriors Orochi Ultimate 3 and Spelunky for free if you are a member of the Microsoft Live Gold program.

I am a fan of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, so I’m happy to see one of these games on the list.  I haven’t played this one, but I’m sure it’s more of what makes that series so fun – hack and slash with some tactical play.

I have never heard of Spelunky, but it looks like a platformer with randomly generated levels.  I will definitely be playing that one.  If you only have a 360, you can get that game as well.

Coming up on August 16 we have W2K16, a wrestling game.  I am not a fan of wrestling, so I will not be downloading this game.  It’s just a waste of space for me.  I will be checking out Beyond Good and Evil HD.  I really don’t know anything about the game, but it’s free and looks interesting.

The dates that you see above are the date ranges that you have to download it for free, not the times you can play it.  Once you get it, it’s yours.  Happy gaming!

Microsoft Games with Gold

Games with Gold

I had just learned this two months ago, which is why I’m posting about this now.  Apparently, for the last year or so, Microsoft has been giving away four games per month to their XBox Live Gold members, which I am.  I pay for my XBox Live membership yearly.  The subscription is required if you want to do anything online, which is pretty much necessary.  So, for a service that I already have to pay for, I get four free games of Microsoft’s choosing every month!

They release them on the 1st and 16th of each month.  Two are for the XBone and two are for the XBox 360.  If you have a XBone, you can play them all on that as the 360 games are immediately on the backwards compatible list.  These are also all downloads.

They are not slouch games, either.  These are major release games.  For example, this month it was the following:

Games with Gold July 2016

That’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2.  A major release.  I am playing Tumblestones now and you can expect a post about it soon.  The others I download and keep until I’m ready to play them.  I did have to get a larger hard drive, but I’ve got plenty of space now.  So just in case you weren’t aware of this, it’s awesome and as good as it seems!