Back to Buying and Selling

Many years ago, I had been into buying lots of SNES games and then turning them around and selling the individual games for a slight profit.  It wasn’t nearly enough to live by, but it was a fun hobby nonetheless.  That sure was the time to collect SNES, which I eventually sold.  I only have a few left now.

As mentioned in a previous post, this seems like a good time to collect PSP games.  I’ve bought a few larger lots and I’ve just started listing the individual games for a profit.  If I buy a lot and get the games for $2.50 each, then sell them each for $5-$7, that’s a decent little profit.  Of course, I keep the better games in my collection.  But all duplicates get sold.  I’ve looked into lots of Nintendo DS games as well, but the prices on those games are ridiculous right now.

It’s a lot of fun!  It’s not for everyone and you definitely need good organizational skills, but if you can hack it, it’s rewarding.

What have you got to add?

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