Clutter Series – Fun Casual Games

Genre:  Hidden Object
Platform:  PC

I can be a sucker for casual object games.  They are a good thing to do when I’m trying to keep my mind occupied and often let me go into deep thought.  It’s a lot like mowing the yard or listening to music – it keeps the noisy part of my mind occupied so another part can work on some more complex things.

One of these such games is Clutter.  It’s a PC game and I found it on  They have tons of casual games on that site and this is one of my favorites.  It’s a hidden object game, but not in the strict sense.  It’s almost more of a matching game.  You have to find matches, sometimes two, sometimes three at a time.  The game gives you different goals or modes.  Sometimes the images are all in black and white or perhaps split in half.  They also have mini-games scattered throughout to break up the game a bit.

There are five different Clutter games and I’ve played them each through a few times, some more than others.  Clutter 1, 2 and 5 are my favorites.  I have spent many, many hours playing.  I was actually just playing Clutter 5 when I had the idea to write this post.

If you like hidden object or matching games, check this one out.  It can be challenging and fun!

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