Spent the Weekend in San Antonio (Outlaw)

Genre:  Shooter
Platform:  Atari

I spent the weekend in San Antonio with family, which is why there’s a few days without a post.  We watched my brother-in-law graduate from the Air Force boot camp.  We also wandered around San Antonio a bit.  Everyone knows that the Alamo is there, so I thought Outlaw would be a good game to showcase on my site today.

This was a fun little game.  You and a friend squared up against one another and simply tried to shoot each other.  There were obstacles in the way such as cacti, wagons or a wall.  Sometimes those obstacles would move.  Sometimes you could only shoot straight, or other times you could ricochet off the walls.  When you were shot, you ended up on your butt:


It was fun for its time, but it would probably only be fun for about 5 minutes today.  I still remember it fondly, though!

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