So much is ruined

Flood 1

I live in Dickinson, TX, which was ravaged by Storm Harvey.  That’s a picture of my house, but that’s not as high as the water rose – it actually rose 30″ inside.  We had to evacuate the house.  Before the water started to rush in, I did my best to move everything up to higher shelves, but many of my games weren’t high enough.  I think I can salvage the cartridges, but so many cases and manuals are ruined.  I’ve put my life into this collection and although it may sound petty compared to everything else we’ve lost, but it really bums me out.

The first time we entered the house after the flood, I went in my office and saw Bravely Second for the 3DS floating in the water.  I left the office after that and didn’t need to see any more.  We have had overwhelming support and a couple of folks worked their hardest to dry out each and every wet game.  I truly appreciate it.  But still, damn.

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