Super NES Classic (Mini)

SNES Classic

Nintendo’s gone and done it again.  I consider the NES Classic a failure.  Not because it wasn’t a cool idea, but due to the way Nintendo handled the rollout.  They simply could not – or did not want to – keep up with the demand.  I really wanted one, but so many jerks were buying them as soon as they were available that normal people like me couldn’t get one at the $60 price tag.  Nintendo has since stopped production, so my only option is to pay 2-4 times more than retail to own it.  I have a GCW Zero with just about every NES on it, so I don’t have an urge to pay it.

Recently, the Super Nintendo Classic was released.  I thought for sure Nintendo would realize the problem with the NES Classic and simply create more of these awesome little devices.  Nope.  I still can’t get my hands on one without either stalking every retailer to find out when their shipments come in or just forking out 2-4 times as much to an online scalper.  I consider this another fail.

You are honestly better purchasing a homebrew (home-made) device that has way more games on it.  Some of them have up to 700 games on them for only about $100.

Nintendo, you have let me down once again.

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